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A pipe for Prime Minister Edi Rama


Last Saturday, representatives of the communities of the Shushica river valley and other locals from Vlora and Vjosa valley travelled to Tirana to hand over a special petition to Prime Minister Edi Rama. People from 37 villages in the valley have united in a powerful statement against the water abstraction project from the Shushica River.

In search of Softmouth Trout and Huchen

This spring, a team of scientists from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna traveled to Bosnia-Herzegovina, specifically to the Neretva and Drina rivers. Both rivers are under extreme threat from hydropower development. The aim of the research weeks was to record the spawning populations of Softmouth Trout and Huchen.

Bern Convention: Skavica dam in Albania contradicts the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme

Local communities in Albania have been protesting against the Skavica dam and the planned flooding of 41 villages in the Dibra valley. The Bureau of the Convention recently accepted a new complaint and urged the Albanian authorities to not develop projects which may negatively affect habitats and species.

Vjosa Delta Science Week 2024: Science Delegation Explores Intact Vjosa Delta


From 22 to 28 April 2024, a science delegation from Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, and Italy collected multidisciplinary data in the partially undiscovered and intact Vjosa Delta. Every observation of this expedition aims to unveil the ecological importance of this area and advocate for its inclusion in the Vjosa Wild River National Park (WRNP) in accordance with IUCN standards.

The Perilous State of Mediterranean Deltas


Deltas, where rivers meet the sea, are intricate landscapes shaped by millennia of natural forces. However, they're not just facing challenges; they're in crisis. A comprehensive study delves into Mediterranean deltas, revealing a story of resilience and the urgent need for conservation. 258 deltas and river mouths in the Mediterranean Sea have undergone assessment. Shockingly, a mere 4% of these vital ecosystems remain in their pristine, untouched state today.

Celebrating International Day of Forests: ReForestVjosa Project launched

On this year’s International Day of Forests on March 21st, we are proud to inaugurate our first tree nursery along the picturesque banks of the Vjosa River. The inauguration ceremony, held in Tepelena, marked the official launch of the ReForestVjosa project, a comprehensive reforestation initiative aimed at revitalizing the Vjosa's ecosystem and mitigating erosion along its shores.

Protests for Shushica continue

Vjosa Wild River National Park is under threat as construction works on Shushica persists for the water supply of the tourist coast! Despite relentless opposition from locals, activists, and scientists, the construction goes on. The fate of over 30 villages hangs in the balance, but our community's resolve is unbreakable. Find out more about the Shushica case and the local resistance in the video by Joshua David Lim:

Protest on the Albanian Shushica River: Vjosa National Park in danger

12 mayors and numerous other residents of the Shushica Valley and other regions of the Vjosa National Park, activists, lawyers and scientists gathered this morning in the village of Kuç on the banks of the Shushica River. They are protesting the plans of the government in Tirana to take the water from the Shushica and channel it to the Mediterranean

STUDY: Freshwater biodiversity impacted by hydropower plants in the Sharr Mountains National Park


This rapid field assessments conducted in Autum 2023 in the National Park Sharr Mountain encompassed an extensive evaluation of fish and macroinvertebrates, with a specific focus on aquatic insects, in the Lepenc River and its tributaries.

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