About us


We are a coalition of NGOs who have launched the campaign “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” in order to raise awareness about the imminent dam craze on the Balkan peninsula and to spare the most valuable rivers and river stretches from destruction.







International Team:

EuroNatur - Foundation for the Conservation of European Natural Heritage
Phone:  +49 7732 / 92 72 - 12


RiverWatch - Society for the Protection of Rivers
Phone: +43 650 4544784

Our local partners:


EcoAlbania - Center for Protection of Natural Ecosystems in Albania
Website: http://www.ecoalbania.org/
Kontakt: o.nika@ecoalbania.org (Olsi Nika)
Phone: +355 69 29 44 757

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Centar za zivotnu sredinu (CZZS) - Center for Environment
Website: http://czzs.org/
Contact: jelena.ivanic@czzs.org (Jelena Ivanic)
Phone: +387 51 433 141



Eco-sense - Center for environmental research and information
Contact: davor@ekosvest.com.mk (Davor Pehchevski)
Phone: +389 2 3217 247
Front 21/42 – Environmental Citizens’ Association
Contact: aleksandra.bujaroska@front.org.mk (Aleksandra Bujaroska)
Local Blue Heart Campaign Coordinator: Iva Marković
Contact: iva.ikki.markovic@gmail.com



CSBNP - Croatian Society for Bird and Nature Protection
Contact: tibor.kopacki.rit@gmail.com (Tibor Mikuska)
Phone: +385 95 909 87 53









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