Scientists for Balkan Rivers

The Balkan rivers need scientific data to be collected for legal fights as well as for a better understanding of the uniqueness of these untouched systems in general. In order to address the current data deficiencies across Balkan rivers, we are building a growing network of scientists who actively focus their research to provide ecological data for these legal cases. The scientists in the network not only lend their own data but also use their independent voices to advocate for the protection of rivers. Together, we are in search of senior partners and young motivated scientists, ready to contribute scientific expertise, tools, and data collection methods – to protect the Balkan rivers. Join the second monthly meeting on Feb 22nd, 2022! If you would like to submit project ideas as a lead scientist, please fill out this form here!

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Curious about the network? If you are interested in joining the group, contributing data, or just staying informed, please sign up here:

Scientists for Vjosa 

The model of this network is based on the existing Scientists for Vjosa group which proved to be successful in fighting off hydropower projects on the river. A Vjosa Research Center on the banks of the Vjosa river has already been set up, which serves as a base for their research and a hub for any Scientists for Vjosa activities. Check out this summary video from the Vjosa Science Week 2021: 

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