Mediterranean Deltas – Assessment of general intactness

River Deltas are intricate landscapes shaped by nature over millennia. Yet, they're in crisis. Changes in land use driven by agriculture and industry have reshaped these ecosystems. This study dives into Mediterranean deltas, revealing the urgent need for conservation.

Conducted by Ulrich Schwarz from FLUVIUS Floodplain Ecology and River Basin Management in Vienna, Austria, 258 deltas and river mouths in the Mediterranean Sea have undergone assessment. Shockingly, a mere 4% of these vital ecosystems remain in their pristine, untouched state today. Among these precious few, the delta of the Vjosa and the neighboring deltas of the Shkumini and Semani rivers in Albania stand out. Together, they constitute the last large pristine deltas, holding unparalleled significance for the entire Mediterranean Sea and Europe as a whole.

The study examines sediment flux, showing dams disrupting natural sediment transport. But amidst degradation, there's hope. The findings call for action to conserve deltas from Albania to Montenegro, each holding a story of resilience and adaptation in the face of adversity.

Full Study: Mediterranean Deltas – Assessment of general intactness

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