Vjosa National Park NOW - Global Tour Plan

The world is watching, Edi Rama! The international pressure to demand protection of the Vjosa is building more than ever. In response to the reelection of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, people all over the world are demanding the protection of the Vjosa river by hosting the ‘Vjosa National Park NOW’ letters in their countries.

This summer, the Vjosa letters will be in the foreground of globally recognized monuments around the world, demanding the attention of EU and Albanian politicians. Edi Rama’s government, which will be forming new coalitions this summer, has an opportunity to legally establish the Vjosa as Europe’s first Wild River National Park. We won’t back down until the Albanian government legally establishes the entire length of the Vjosa and her tributaries as Europe’s first Wild River National Park.

Support for the Vjosa National Park can be heard echoing across the globe with organizations, activists, and public figures speaking out everywhere. In June 2021, you can expect to see the ‘Vjosa National Park NOW’ letters in Innsbruck, Munich, Podgorica, and Vienna.


June: Innsbruck (01.06), Munich (14.06), Podgorica (16.06)
July: Snowdonia Wales (10.07), London (21.07), Amsterdam (03.07)
August Niagara Falls, Bend (05.08), San Francisco (16.08), Pisa, Milan
September: Yosemite (09.09.), Grand Canyon, Marseille (09.09)

Are you interested in hosting the “VJOSA NATIONAL PARK NOW” letters in your city? Shoot us an email: kara@rivercollective.org

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