Balkan Rivers in the GEO magazine: hydropower vs. nature protection


The December issue of the GEO magazine features an article about the Vjosa in Albania and the price of electricity. Here an online teaser. Sorry, as yet in German only!

Info graphics and photo story about Balkan Rivers


A new study that Bankwatch published on December 11 deals with European public funding and EU companies, which are fuelling a wave of hydropower development and endangering pristine river environments in the Balkans. It shows who is involved in financing hydropower projects in the region, both overall and inside of protected areas. Bankwatch produced a series of info graphics:

New Bankwatch study: European “green energy” funding for hydropower threatens pristine Balkan rivers

A wave of hydropower development fuelled by European public funding and EU companies is endangering pristine river environments in the Balkans, finds a new study by CEE Bankwatch Network released today.

Stage win for nature protection: Bern Convention demands provisional stop for the construction of HPPs in Mavrovo NP in Macedonia

++ EBRD and World Bank shall withdraw from projects – further assessment requested ++

Kelag destroys in Bosnia-Herzegovina one of the last habitats for the Huchen in Europe


++The Austrian-German energy company is constructing a hydropower on the Sana River, endangering a globally threatened fish species ++ NGOs and scientists protesting++

Balkan Rivers Short Films Now Available!


We produced three short films about the Balkan Rivers: one about its biodiversity, one about its threats and the third features locals standing up for their river. Enjoy!

New Hope for Mavrovo National Park

++ Bern Convention’s international expert commission calls for halt to hydropower development in Mavrovo National Park, Macedonia ++ EBRD and World Bank shall withdraw from financing hydropower projects in the National Park ++

Balkan Rivers Days VIDEO now available!


Between September 24th and 27th, Belgrade became the center of European river conservationists and dam opponents. From September, 120 people from 18 countries discussed how to stop the dam tsunami in the Balkans and in other regions in Europe. Now the official video of the event is available. Enjoy! Find also an extensive gallery HERE. 

Become river ambassador in the Blue Heart interactive map


We want to visualize a network of initiatives and people who fight for rivers in the Balkans. For this purpose we have created a “River Ambassadors” layer in the interactive map on this website. We would like to add you as well! If you want to be included, please send us the following information:

STOP Mokrice dam! Hydropower project in Slovenia violates legislation


++ Hydropower project in Slovenia violates domestic and international legislation and threatens rare flora and fauna ++ International and Slovenian NGOs call on the Minister of Environment to reject the project – NGOs prepare EU complaint ++

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