The Dam Truth: Patagonia launches Blue Heart platform


Click on the photo to learn why dams are dirtyThe outdoor outfitter Patagonia is not only supporting our anti-dam campaign, but is also helping to demystify hydro as green and renewable source of energy in general. For this purpose, they have just launched the new website The dam truth.

Patagonia, along with NGO partners, is asking concerned citizens around the world to SIGN THE PETITION urging international banks to stop investing in the destruction of Europe’s last wild rivers.

The platform also features the trailer of Blue Heart – an upcoming documentary film Patagonia launches a new platform in save the Blue Heart.about the Balkan Rivers and our campaign. WATCH THE TRAILER

“I believe this wild place requires and deserves protection. It’s a waste of money and a moral travesty that some of the world’s largest financial institutions have embraced this outdated and exploitative technology and are financing new dams in some of the last wild places in Europe. This is a fight too important to ignore.”

(Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard)

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