Next Webinar: Neretva Biodiversity

We invite you to an open webinar about Scientists for Balkan Rivers, where we will wrap up the results of two Neretva Science Weeks, discuss the impacts of these events on the future of Neretva and reveal our plans for the future. The Webinar will be held on

Tuesday, 27th February 2024, at 18:00 CET.

In 2022 and 2023, two Science Weeks were held on the Upper Neretva River. The two one-week events resulted in two attractive Preliminary Reports in accessible language and a series of scientific papers. The results were astonishing. More than 2000 species, several new species for science, and important new insights into the functioning of a pristine river – something we already lost in most of Europe. We will summarize the results and accompany them with breathtaking pictures and videos of one of the last remaining wild jewels in the continent.

Yet, Neretva is not the only river under threat. It turned out that Science Week is, besides a way of getting precious scientific data, an efficient tool to raise awareness, unite and empower local NGOs and push the protection initiatives forward. In 2024, we will be present in not less than three countries: on the Sarandaporos River in Greece, the Delta of the Vjosa River in Albania and in Sharr Mountains National Park in Kosovo.

The presentations will be followed by a discussion. 

Please join if you can.

Please register to the event HERE.


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