Milan Pešić for Balkan Rivers

The photographer Milan Pešić is father of two children, a soldier by profession and and activist for the preservation of natural values and beauty at heart. This is the reason why he became a nature photographer.
In this photo series, Milan takes us on a journey to Mojsinjske mountains and Morava river. From south to north, from Makrešan to Đunis, tame hills with orchards and vineyards are replaced by oak forests that thicken on the Mojsinjska mountain into a high, mature forest. In fantastic curves, the South Morava river merges with its sister the West Morava. United near Stalac, she turns into the largest river in Serbia and flows all the way to the Danube.
Nature has given rise to recognizable and impressive features in the landscape of Mojsinjska mountain and Stalac gorge of South Morava. Its ecological and cultural values deserve protection, which is the request of environmental activists from Pravo na vodu and residents of the area.
Find his full album in this post
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