The Vjosa in Albania is the queen of European rivers - she is the last big wild river system of the continent

"I am the Vjosa, wild and free. I am the life force of this land. Do not forget me For I will be damned if you neglect me. My future is in your hands; Please protect me." Vjosa needs our help. Have you signed the petition yet? Click the link and show your support to make the Vjosa a National Park - this is the only way to save it! Joshua Lim
Scientists for Vjosa (tributaries) - 2021: Followed by several international and national media teams, a science delegation from Austria, Albania, Italy and Germany spent a week in early June at two major Vjosa tributaries Shushica and Bënça to collect multidisciplinary data. Joshua D. Lim
'Vjosa Forever' chronicles the ongoing struggle to secure the future of this unique river system, from political uncertainty and opportunistic greed to the hopes of creating a Vjosa National Park (the first of its kind in Europe) by Patagonia
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