Across Balkan Rivers

Videos about our campaign to save Balkan rivers from a dam tsunami.

The documentary “Blue Heart” follows our campaign and other, local stakeholders through the Balkans to document the crime committed on Europe’s last river jewels and on communities who live by them. by Patagonia/Farm League
In this webinar we gave an overview about the river jewels of Europe, the threat they are facing and our campaign to save them. We explained how we try to achieve the impossible: to save the Balkan rivers from a dam tsunami of more than 3,400 hydropower projects. by Save the Blue Heart of Europe
In Europe, the last intact rivers are located in the Balkan region, but are severely at risk due to 3000 projected dams. We have come up with a scientifically founded plan to protect these river jewels: the Eco-Masterplan for Balkan Rivers, defining no-go zones for future hydropower development. by VerVieVas
At the first European Rivers Summit, about 250 people from over 30 countries discussed how to stop the destruction of Europe’s rivers from hydropower, how to protect the last free-flowing river jewels in the long run and how to restore those already destroyed. by Luka Tomac (viuals) and Flying Pangolin Film (Video)
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