Hydropower development in the Balkans: data update 2017

Every two years, we analyze the situation of hydropower development in the Balkans, updating the data of existing and planned hydropower plants as well as those currently under construction. Moreover, we assess how many of these projects are located in protected areas. This 2017 data update makes the extent of the threat to the Blue Heart of Europe visible: Currently, 2,796 hydropower plants are in the planning phase, 188 are under construction, while another 1,004 plants are already operating. 1,031 (or 37%) of the planned dams are projected to be built in protected areas with high protection status (118 of which in national parks, 547 in Natura 2000 areas). What this means in comparison to the 2015 data set you can read in the summary below

2017 Data Set Summary
Collection of graphs

Graphs by country:

Albania Bosnia & Herzegovina Macedonia Serbia
Kosovo Bulgaria Slovenia Croatia
Montenegro Greece Turkey  
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