Hydromorphological Status and Dam Projects

In preparation for this campaign, the hydromorphology (the structural intactness of the river) of about 35,000 river kilometers on the Balkan Peninsula has been assessed. The results were impressive: 30% of the Balkan rivers are in a pristine state, another 50% are in a good condition or only moderately modified. In other words, almost 80% of 35,000 river kilometres are in a very good, good or acceptable morphological condition. That is the highest percentage in all of Europe.

An extensive research was also done on the proposed and planned dam projects in the Balkan region.

Find the study about the hydromorphology and the dam projects here:

Balkan River Assessment Executive Summary
Balkan River Assessment
Balkan River Assessment River Catalogue


Also, country specials have been compiled:

Slovenia Croatia Bosnia & Herzegovina Serbia
Montenegro Kosovo Albania Macedonia
Bulgaria Greece Turkey  

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