Balkan Rivers Tour 1

Under the slogan of “Save the Balkan Rivers - Stop the Dam Tsunami!“ the Balkan Rivers Tour raised awareness about the beauty of the Balkan Rivers and the threats they are facing. Led by former Slovenian Olympic athlete Rok Rozman kayakers from all over Europe paddled 23 rivers in 6 Balkan countries, starting with the Sava in Slovenia on April 16 and ending at the Vjosa in Albania on May 20. The tour featured lots of exciting events on many threatened rivers along the route. The Balkan Rivers Tour was a 35 days opportunity to get to know the Balkans from a very different perspective.  Goal of the tour was to save the Balkan Rivers and to preserve this incredible European heritage!  These are the photos of the FIRST WEEK of the Balkan Rivers Tour. Find also the photos of the SECOND WEEK, THIRD WEEK, FORTH WEEK, FIFTH WEEK, and the GRAND FINALE in Tepelena and Tirana! At age 3, I dictated my first story to my Mom, then illustrate it with my drawings. At 9, I invented in my notebooks all sorts of stories involving bands of friends with unlikely names, and many dogs perfectly trained. In college, I spent my free time writing news for this great site, I was fond of texts of the invention to prepare for school, and I ended up among the winners of a writing contest. And then ... As I told you a few days ago, the serious things started - the bac, the studies, the blog, and I completely abandoned this creative activity that had accompanied me since very young. The virus of writing came back to tickle me about a year ago, in autumn. With the arrival of the NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month, a challenge to write a first draft novel in 30 days in November), I also wanted to reconnect with my passion, and to attack me. a long, more complete text. So I started to develop some ideas (which still live with me today), to finally always abandon my project - lack of confidence in my ability to carry it out, but also probably because I was not doing exactly things as needed. This time, in a few weeks, my progress has been pretty incredible; not in terms of quantity, but rather in learning my process. I think I finally understood a lot of very important things about how writing works, and especially about how I can overcome my blockages. These are the photos of the FIRST WEEK of the Balkan Rivers Tour. Find also the photos of the SECOND WEEK and THIRD WEEK.
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