Protest Against HPP Ulog on the Neretva Held in Konjic

"Let's Save Neretva" © Suncica Kovacevic

On November 11th, 2,000 nature enthusiasts and nine NGOs from across Bosnia-Herzegovina gathered in Konjic. United with slogans like "Neretva has its defenders" and "Let’s Save Neretva," they voiced their demands for authorities to halt hydropower projects in the Neretva basin, particularly the detrimental HPP Ulog, along with dam projects Glavaticevo, Bjelimici, and Upper Horizons. The protest saw the signing of over 1,000 letters to be sent to responsible authorities, urging them to protect the river and urgently cease harmful dam projects.

2.000 nature lovers and nine NGOs from across Bosnia-Herzegovina gathered in Konjic © Robert Oroz

In October, concerns arose nationwide when the Neretva was polluted during the construction of the Ulog dam, prompting fishermen to collect deceased trout along the affected stretch. Vladimir Topić from the Center for the Environment warned that the HPP Ulog project will devastate the Neretva and its ecosystem. "The HPP Ulog project showed us that the river is neither yellow nor white but blue, green, emerald, and we want it to remain that way." he added.

Local population united for Neretva © Robert Oroz

“It's not too late for Neretva. When people unite, they are a force, and for Neretva, people united. We are a force that does not give away Neretva. They may build HPP Ulog, but they will never put it into operation. People from Metković also contacted us because Upper Horizons also concern them," declared activist and director of the Foundation ACT, Lejla Kusturica.

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