Mevludin Sejmenović for Balkan Rivers

Photographer and nature lover Mevludin Sejmenović from Sarajevo, BiH, offered these stunning river photos as a contribution to #ArtistsForBalkanRiver. Find his full album in this post. His statement: “I support the campaign! Why? Because we are all born by nature. But we are the only part of it capable of destroying it. We are born with eyes that rest in green colour. No child was born with eyes resting on concrete, desert and rubble. By destroying nature, we are destroying a part of ourselves without which we cannot live. We tear off the fingers of our left hand with our right hand. We have blocked large rivers. We had to. And we are forgetting that every big river is a daughter of small rivers and streams. If we destroy small rivers and streams, we will also destroy large rivers. If we save them, we will save Life! For as long as the rivers flow, so will Life.”

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