Dule Resavac for Balkan Rivers

Dule Resavac is a Serbian musician of etno and world music. He's known as a guardian of Serbian ethno music and a nature lover. Enjoy his musical postcard and read his statement below:

"I am horrified by the effect small hydropower plants and derivation pipes have on local riverine biodiversity and the community of those damaged rivers. By chaining these rivers, they not only destroy the living world in them, but they also shatter the memories of us who bathed in those whirlpools, they ruin the memory of the first kiss next to some famous rapids, and they crush hope for a better tomorrow for younger generations who will not have the chance to make these same memories and know all the beauty of these rivers. That's why I'm against this kind of 'progress' and that's why I wrote this song indignantly."

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