Damir Janjalija for Balkan Rivers

Haiku is a type of short form poetry originally from Japan. This guest from the East, better known as the shortest song - Haiku, arrived and settled in the Balkans in the late 1920s. We are presenting you a Haiku series dedicated to rivers - fantastic and inspiring collaboration of Balkan artists: six haiku poems inspired by Balkan rivers, four amazing Balkan photographers and one Balkan haiku master.

Poet: Damir Janjalija is a celebrated haiku poet and winner of several international and world haiku awards. He is a native of Kotor, he spends half of the year mostly on a ship, sailing the oceans, and the rest mostly in Belgrade or on other land trips.


Sead Šašivarević is a fine-art landscape photographer from Bosnia and Herzegovina who has spoken out against the destruction of rivers by mini-hydropower development in his country

Mirsad Mujanović is an internationally celebrated photographer from Travnik/BiH, who has won numerous awards.

Kemal Bećirević is a Bosnian designer, photographer and FujiFilm ambassador, who takes his inspiration from Bosnian landscape.

Mladena Bolta (Bolta Photography) studies at the Art Academy in Banja Luka, she loves cameras, drones, photography and obviously nature! She is delighted by the fact that she can send a message to the general public with her photographs.

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