Artists for Balkan Rivers Compilation I

Many artists are joining us! Rappers, singers, actors, writers, visual artists and many other performers. Maybe you read one of the Faruk Šehić great books, or you are chanting Lela and Laka'sMarija Šestić'sVanja Solaković's (Činčila), or Dušan Vranić's songs and rapping Sassja's rimes; or maybe you watched Ermin Bravo performing at theatre stages or Mona Muratović acting in a film, Lala Raščić's performances, or you remember Dado Džihan from New Primitives music era. Maybe you are an opera lover who saw Aida Čorbadžić's great performances? You know what all of them have in common? Beside their great passion for arts, they are also nature lovers and call for Balkan rivers to remain free!

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