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RiverWatch – Society for the Protection of Rivers

Neustiftgasse 36, 1070 Vienna/Austria

Tel: 0043 - 676 - 6621512

Form of organisation: Association

ZVR-Number: 563774577

Contact: Ulrich Eichelmann


EuroNatur - Foundation for the Conservation of the European Nature Heritage

Westendstraße 3 , 78315 Radolfzell/Germany

Tel.: 0049 - 7732 - 92 72 0

Contact: Theresa Schiller

EuroNatur is a private foundation with legal capacity under civil law. Executive Director Gabriel Schwaderer is authorised to represent the foundation.

Supervisory Authority: Regierungspräsidium Freiburg, Aktenzeichen 14-2214.8

Non-profit status: Since we promote science, national education, animal and nature protection, landscape conservation and environment protection, we are exempt from corporate tax (following § 5 Abs. 1 Nr.9 German Corporation Tax Act) and trade tax (following § 3 Nr. 6 German Trade Tax Act) for the year 2016, in accordance with the notice of exemption by the Singen Tax Office dated from 19 April 2018 (Tax Nr. 18153/25263).

The foundation promotes the following, particularly eligible charitable purposes: the implementation and promotion of science-based projects with a focus on Europe, its aim of preserving endangered wildlife populations and their habitats, as well as the protection and nature-compatible development of ecologically important natural and cultural landscapes, which includes the lobbying and measures for environmental education.



Interactives OG

Wiedner Hauptraße 73/16 in 1040 Vienna/Austria